About The Auctions Club

The TLMC Auctions Club is the place where Event Managers, Events, Event Participants and Spectators all meet. For years, auction events have been a personal favorite of many. There are those looking to find deals, support a cause or find some rare valuable to add to their collection. Then there are those who have the inventory that they would love to sell. The Auctions Club strives to cater to both.


March 2021

Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway, NY 101, USA

How It All Works:

Our Process Is Simple & It’s Easy:

  1. Click the button below to speak with an agent.
  2. Let the agent know that you are interested in listing an event in The Auctions Events Club.
  3. Answer A Few Questions and provide some information.
  4. Once Approved, your event will be listed.

Why is this not automatic submission?

  • In an effort to protect our club cubs, though still not 100% secure, we prefer to manually add the events.

Club Cubs Speak: